Recognition from Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor emailed:

“Congratulations!  EnjoyFineFood, you’re among the top 7% most-read reviewers of all time.”

How good is the top 7% ?  I know they have 100 million+ reviews, so it feels good to be near the top.  It’s been fun.  I have actually written fewer than 20 reviews, yet thousands of people have read them.

One reason for this blog is to have a place to share more.

Other reasons include:

  • I look up, see a vapor trail and wonder where the flight is going — and why I’m not on it.
  • Even when asleep, I prefer business class to economy.
  • I like the challenge of flying on the cheapest ticket up front.
  • Those of us who don’t travel often enough to earn status need to share ways to travel well.


More email news:

Air France vetted us for our first affiliate link!

Air France has been gracious enough let us add a link to their website.  If you click the Air France link and (agreeing with us that Air France is a pretty nice airline) buy a ticket, we get a commission — an eTip.


Credits & Rights:

I took the photos used on this site. Mostly, they feature things that belong to someone else; so if you will credit my photography, you may use my photos of other people’s stuff.

Likewise, the words I used belong to everybody. I just put them together in a way that I hoped would inform and amuse. If you like the way I put them together well enough to quote them, please give credit.


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